Rhyme Snippets
Do not worry
This will pass
Being patient
Is your task
Open your heart
Where love does lie
Give it out, please.
And don’t be shy
Please dear Spirit
Make me aware
And please could you do it
Without giving me a scare
Plant you feet
Plan you life
Taste the sweet
No more strife
Holding on just doesn’t work
If you try to do so
You will feel quite the jerk
When push comes to shove
And you long for the love
Just relax and remember
Your life fits like a glove


Experience encouragement, insights, inspiration and laughter with newly emerging spiritual author Delia. Her wise and whimsical poems guide with humor and incredible lightness through any time of turbulence.

Since 1975 Delia has been a professional consultant coaching Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs and individuals. For more information about her Executive Coaching and Teambuilding services
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“Her words remind me of Rumi.”

—Jill Badonsky


“It’s Dr. Seuss for adults.”

—Dr. Marti Glenn


“Delia’s zest and passion for life, love and healing come alive in her poetry. Jump in and enjoy.”

—Rev. Sandy Moore


" Letters from My Future Self:
Musings of a Mid-Life Seeker"

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Customized rhymes in greeting card or letter format
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Presentations & workshops
The Courage to Create workshop is given on a love offering basis for your church or non-profit group gathering.  Call or e-mail for details.




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